WHTQ Dead Rock Stars Ball - Saturday 11.30.04 - JJ Whispers
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beavis & butt head interview Wayne and Garth assphinktersayswhat? ASSPHINKTERSAYSWHAT? Exactley J.C. and Buckley from the Saturday Night Special loose it Beavis and Butt Head "ON THE AIR" Chris Rhodes from WHTQ with Wayne, ROCK ON !

Babe of the night. Purrrrrrrrr............

Radio Babes, SCHWING ! She has nice blue eyes. Ozzy Osbourne keeping up with Wayne and Garth, PARTY ON OZZY !!! OZZY RULES
Robert Plant - No Whay Wayne !!!! Wake me up ! SCHWING FREDDIE, SCHWING ! Freebird Lives --- NOT ! Arlo Guthrie and Janice Joplin get it on with Wayne
Pick a WINNER ! Congratulations >>>> now BLOW ME Wayne gets some VIP treatment from WHTQ WHOOOOOAAHHHH ! what the hell is that ??? Check out  those  #%!*&  STICKS

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featuring Physical Graffiti (Led Zepplin tribute band)

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